In 2010 we expanded into seamless gutter and decided to specialize in 6″ K-style gutter.  The K-Style gutter profile offers a handsome look in a wide range of color options.  6″ gutter also gives the home owner up to 20% more water displacement.  In this climate the heavy rain snow and also spring melts push roof drainage systems to their limits.  We have found that after replacing the 5″ gutter our customers have noticed a substantial difference in the dryness of their basements.

K – Style Gutter  -  Why go with 6″ vs 5″?

Gutter Illustration-01

Another benefit of the 6″ gutter is that when properly installed, it matches flush with most fascia board heights.  5″ gutter leaves a gap of fascia exposed which can be exaggerated if the roof sags or the gutter is installed anything less than level.

So with the 6″ Gutter you get the benefit of additional drainage along with a cleaner look.  It’s a win-win!

K-Gutter Colors